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NC Collaboration with VIS
  • NHHS Consulting has taken the trip to VIS's beautiful premises at the VilVite center to talk to Ove Gjelsvik about the collaboration between NHHS Consulting and VIS.

  • VIS-Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap offers guidance, networks and other services to startups and other companies with interesting ideas.

  • Through this collaboration, NHHS Consulting has had the opportunity to get in touch with several companies and startups and assist them with competitive consulting services at an affordable price.


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Jadar Rike, CFO

"NHHS Consulting's delivery exceeded our expectations. The cooperation worked out really well. They had a great focus from the start on our needs and maintained this focus throughout the whole process. The quality of the delivered product fulfilled our expectations, and we are in no doubt that we will continue this collaboration when we are in need of the services offered by NHHS Consulting."

Fredrik Stang Heffermehl, CEO & Co-founder

"NHHS Consulting had the ability to quickly start with the project and deliver a good result, something we valued. For a start-up market research is important to improve our knowledge regarding which markets to enter. The help from NHHS Consulting became a good supplement which resulted in useful insights in a new market. NHHS Consulting had a professional approach and the work which they delivered was of high-quality. It's fun to see that students can deliver good quality to a good price. After the project, we've had a good dialogue, and we've hired one of their consultants who contributed to the project. "

Mattis Segerberg, Solution Manager

"We have used NHHS Consulting to help us get a better overview by their approach, which has been important in this project. The consultants were given a short deadline, but they managed to deliver professionally in all steps and have shown great flexibility, and capacity and, have delivered on all deadlines. We experience that collaboration with NHHS Consulting have worked excellently, and the consultants have communicated structured and good."

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