NHHS Consulting is an independent consulting company run by top students at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen. We are 35 talented students with expertise in analysis, financial management, marketing and strategy. Several of us have relevant experience from internships in leading companies within finance, IT and consulting.


We are hired by NHHS for internal projects and drive value creation for external organizations in the form of tailor-made projects, staffing of consultants and training courses - aimed at SMBs and Startups. We are also typically a subcontractor of projects led by the consulting industry's top firms.

NHHS Consulting has an impressive resumé of partners from leading industry organizations and is proud to have had EY and QVARTZ as partners for the past decade. In 2019 we also secured a new partnership with VIS. NHHS Consulting is seeing great growth and increased value creation and scaling of the business as a whole is a major focus. In 2020 we entered a partnership with Business Finland. This is aligned with our goal to internationalize NHHS Consluting. 



By choosing NHHS Consulting, you also select some of Norway's leading business students.

We work in project-based teams that are tailored to each assignment. This guarantees that the client gains access to those of our employees who have the most experience in the given area.

We can put together a team at very short notice and work around the clock until the project is completed.


NHHS Consulting should always represent an added value for the customer. 

NHHS Consulting will be able to put together a new team at short notice. 


Members of NHHS Consulting have a strong desire to contribute to projects.


NHHS Consulting was established in 1994 with the help of share capital from the Student Association at the Norwegian School of Economics. Since the start, its been the primary platform for future consulting aspirants in Norway.

The recruitment for NHHS Consulting takes place twice every year in connection to the semester starts. The interview process consists of one personal interview and one case. 

Fredrik Bjanger Gundersen

Fredrik is a first-year master student at NHH specializing in financial economics and business analytics. Accounting, economics and finance are his favourite areas. Next to the studies and NHHS Consulting he works as an accountant and advisor.

Herman Granerud

Herman is in his first year of a bachelor's degree at NHH and runs an advertising agency called Lokal Synlighet alongside his studies. The company helps dental clinics and health clinics in Norway and Sweden to get more patients every week through Facebook and Google Ads. Entrepreneurship, marketing and self-development are Herman's great interests, and he tries to learn something new every day that he and the companies he works with can benefit from. 

Mattias Nordahl



Mattias is a structured and ambitious consultant who attends his first year at NHH. He has previous experience from the IT industry, where he helped companies digitize and automate manual processes. Within his degree, he is most interested in social economics, strategy, and analysis.  Mattias always strives to achieve the best possible result, both in school and on projects. 

Bertine Thorsnes Lefdal

Bertine is an external master´s student majoring in Business Analysis and Performance Management. She took her bachelor's degree at Høyskolen Innlandet, campus Lillehammer.  Before she started at NHH she worked as an accountant at the international company Avery Dennison.

Caroline Baklund

Caroline is in her second year at NHH.  She is an ambitious student,  engaged  in, among others, NHHI Innebandy og NHH Aid. She has wide  range of  interests, with her main  interest  being  analytical subjects. She has completed one year of international school in Oxford and an exchange semester at The  University  of Melbourne. 

Maurits Wesøe

Maurits Wesøe is an external master's student majoring in Strategy and Management. He has co-founded a Real Estate company and worked as an intern in Statsbygg and Hennig-Olsen IS. Wesoe is a carpenter and a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional.

Erling Løberg


Erling is on his third year on NHH. He has been particularly involved in NHHI where he plays on the school's futsal and soccer teams. He is most interested in microeconomics and strategy. In addition to NHHS Consulting he has a part-time job in a tech startup from Trondheim. 

Alexander Lindgaard Føll


Alexander is an external master's student majoring in Business Analytics. He took a bachelor’s degree at NTNU Handelshøyskolen. Generally, he loves to have his hands full, and among other extensive experience within innovation and entrepreneurship through the innovation-community in Trondheim – something he is very passionate about. In addition to board member roles in the student council at NTNU Handelshøyskolen and voluntary positions at Næringslivsutvalget and Springbrettet. Furthermore, some part-time jobs within the bank and finance sector. 

Mari B. Damm


Mari is in her third year and was the previous HR-responsible in NHHS Consulting and is now a member of the board. Last semester, Mari was on exchange at the University of Ottawa, where she among other things, worked with growth strategies for a startup company. Mari is active in the student association, where she is playing at the handball- and floorball team. Mari is interested in sustainability and has a part-time job working with sustainable operations in the hotel industry. Last summer, Mari had an internship at Inventura. 

Sondre Hjermann Dahl


Sondre is currently studying the second year at NHH and has a Master of Law from UiB. His master thesis covers some of the requirement Norwegian legislation has to a company's economic and financial situation. Sondre also has experience as an adviser for start-ups and medium-size companies within company law, tax, social security and contract law. In general, Sondre favours economic and legal problem solving and has a special interest for value estimation, capital construction and capital optimization.

Svitlana Pozniakova


Svitlana is a second-year master's student at NHH. She is doing her major in New Business Development with a minor in Financial Economics. Born and raised in Ukraine, she came to Norway to pursue a better education and get a better understanding of world markets and business culture abroad. She has always been passionate about entrepreneurship.  While in Norway, she took part in many Student Business Competitions and was part of the team that won Bergen Brainstorm and Student Idea Competition. 

Daniel Steenbuch


Daniel is a second-year student at NHH and achieved Student Consultant of the year 2019. He works primarily in the sales division. Alongside his studies, Daniel operates as an active investor in three med-tech start-ups, one of them being his own. In addition, he is a representative at Bergen Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Resource Group Health. Daniel  also

has internship-experience from Varner Group (Retail) and  Hadean  Ventures

(Private Equity). He also did an exchange at Vienna University of Economics and Business.  

Joachim Indrevik


Joachim is in his third year at NHH, with electives in digitalization and strategy. Joachim has been involved in everything from youth politics to the student union at NHH, where he has been the Leader of NHH Aid and been assistant HR manager in the Student Games Bergen Challenge. Joachim has experience in communication, recruitment, management and politics from his engagements, as well as work experience in financial analysis and strategy from his part-time job at Lerøy Seafoods ASA and an internship at Laerdal Medical. 

Magnus Utne


Magnus is doing his master's degree at NHH with specialization in financial management and finance. He has his main interest in analytical subjects and especially venture capital, and has experience with projects for start-ups. He has previously been responsible for finance in NHHS Consulting and is now chair of the board. In addition, Magnus works as an assistant at the Corporate department of DOF Subsea, and has previous experience in sales and marketing. 

Kristoffer Kleppa


Kristoffer is studying his first year of his master’s degree with a major in finance. He has his bachelor's degree from BI Business School Trondheim, and has been active in the stock exchange group during his time at BI. He also has experience from banking and insurance, which he has gained through part-time jobs at Sbanken and If Insurance. He has a great passion for finance and financial markets.

Torbjørn Røys


Torbjørn is an external master's student majoring in Business Analytics. He has experience in banking and has worked at Sbanken for the past 3.5 years. He is active at the fintech cluster at Media City, where he gets to work with various start-ups. Torbjørn is genuinely interested in technology and innovation and love the analytic perspective. Before moving to Bergen, he worked as an assistant hotel manager where he gained management and business experience.

Petter Blesvik Gandrud


Petter is a first-year master student at NHH specializing in Financial Economics. He took a bachelor’s degree at NTNU Handelshøyskolen and spent one semester as an exchange student at Bond University in Australia. Through a part-time job at Danske Bank and an Internship at HomeFair, a Norwegian Startup, he gained experience in customer service and market analysis. He is an engaged and open-minded student with an interest in entrepreneurship and finance. 

Julian Liam Wolter


Julian is a first-year bachelor student at NHH. He is especially passionate about subjects related to business strategy and marketing and wishes to specialize in these topics later at NHH.  Some of his other interests are writing and psychology, and much of his spare time is utilized this way. Julian is a committed and effective person that flourishes in stressful environments. He is also a member of NHHS grafisk.

Axel Fagerbakke


Axel is in his first year of study at NHH. Previously he has taken a bachelor's degree in comparative politics at the University of Bergen and studied African and global politics in Cape Town. Society, economics and sustainability are subject areas that interest him and which he specializes within. He has experience from innovation projects concerning city development in Bergen and he has been an intern at Ungt Entreprenørskap working with young entrepreneurs. Axel has also been working as a journalist and has experience from communication work.

Oliver Kvaløy Tiller


Oliver is currently on his first year at NHH. His areas of interest are broad, but

within economy its especially finance that peaks his interest. Apart from school he works in a sales company related

to fish-farming. He also gets to try out his

financial interest in a stock investment-company he co-owns with students

 from prior education. At NHH he is in

addition involved in Start NHH, where

 he is the executive vice.   

Einar Michel

Senior consultant

Einar is in his fourth year as a CEMS student. His interests are

energy and industrial technology. He

recently came back from a 6-month

internship at the  Norwegian embassy in Canada and completed another internship at Rystad Energy this summer. He puts effort in everything he does and always has a smile on his face. 

Marcel Egbele

Senior conusultant

Marcel is a first-year master student at NHH specializing in finance. He took his bachelor´s degree at the University of Agder, and went on a one-year exchange to ISG Paris during his bachelor´s. As a part of his master´s degree at NHH, he studies at UiO as a part of the Social Entrepreneurship program. Marcel is a structured and engaged student who follows the news from all over the world.

Robin Marstrøm


Robin attends his first year of a BSc at NHH and has previously studied

building engineering in Stavanger. His biggest interest is in the analytical

subjects, and he enjoys challenges

where he can find new innovative and creative solutions. 

Karl Håkon Rødland


Karl Håkon is pursuing a double degree in CEMS MIM and Business Analysis Management. He has developed his business acumen through demanding internships and experience as a navy commander. He has been on exchange in Australia, the Netherlands and went to Toronto for the acknowledged Gründerskolen program in 2019. Karl Håkon has been a driving force for the company since he started in 2016 and attained the award "Student Consultant of the year" only as a sophomore.

Jonas Khan


Jonas is currently studying the final year of his BSc at NHH. While he

has been excelling at his studies at NHH he has also been studying Law at the University of Bergen. Through his 

choices academically it is safe to say that he is especially interested in legal subjects, but he is also thriving with analytic subjects and problems. 

Ole-Herman Lund Mustorp


Ole-Herman is in his second year at NHH and is motivated by new challenges and assigned responsibilities. He has previous experience as a team leader and is interested in finance and socioeconomics. Next to the studies, Ole-Herman is very engaged with the student union and is active in the school's accounting group, guard corps and death-diving team.

Stine Mogen Haugstad

Senior consultant

Stine is in her third year at NHH and has previously taken a one-year study in economics at the University of Bergen. Last spring, she was on exchange at the University of Sydney. She has her main interest in subjects within Business Economics and Social Economics. Stine works part-time a jeweller’s shop.

Edvard Heier


Edvard has embarked on his second year at NHH. He has a particular passion for financial and mathematical subjects. Previous work experiences consist of refereeing football matches and working with people suffering from various mental disorders. He enjoys working on tasks characterized by high levels of tempo and responsibility. Moreover, he is intrigued by themes such as politics and psychology, and spends a lot of his spare time on his interests. He is also part of the school’s American Football team.

Photo: Tone Jelsness og Anton Vu, Foto NHHS

Amalie Skullerud

Amalie is in her first year at NHH and has previously studied in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering. From her degree and internships in the UK, Amalie has developed strong analytical  skills, and gained confidence in her ability to adapt to new challenges and environments. Amalie has a great experience with customer relations and sales from her previous job in retail, where she worked as a customer service assistant and store manager. She has a strong interest in sustainability.