NHHS Consulting is an independent consulting company run by top students at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen. We are 31 talented students with expertise in analysis, financial management, marketing and strategy. Several of us have relevant experience from internships in leading companies within finance, IT and consulting.


We are hired by NHHS for internal projects and drive value creation for external organizations in the form of tailor-made projects, staffing of consultants and training courses - aimed at SMBs and Startups. We are also typically a subcontractor of projects led by the consulting industry's top firms.

NHHS Consulting has an impressive resumé of partners from leading industry organizations, and is proud to have had EY and QVARTZ as partners for the past decade. In 2019 we also secured a new partnership with VIS. NHHS Consulting is seeing great growth and increased value creation and scaling of the business as a whole is a major focus.

Foto: Tone Jelsness, Foto NHHS


By choosing NHHS Consulting, you also select some of Norway's leading business students.

We work in project-based teams that are tailored to each assignment. This guarantees that the client gains access to those of our employees who have the most experience in the given area.

We can put together a team at very short notice and work around the clock until the project is completed.


NHHS Consulting should always represent an added value for the customer. 

NHHS Consulting will be able to put together a new team at short notice. 


Members of NHHS Consulting have a strong desire to contribute to projects as well as on the social level. 


NHHS Consulting was established in 1994 with the help of share capital from the Student Association at the Norwegian School of Economics. Since the start, its been the primary platform for future consulting aspirants in Norway.

The recruitment for NHHS Consulting takes place twice every year in connection to the semester starts. The interview process consists of one personal interview and one case. 

Karl Håkon Rødland

Chief Executive Officer


Marcel Egbele

Chief Financial Officer


Stine Mogen Haugstad

Head of Market Relations


Einar Michel
Victoria Elisabeth Ommundsen

Human Resource Manager


Matilde Dale Mæland

Chief Technology Officer


Erik Amble Haugen

Senior Consultant

Mari B. Damm

Junior Consultant

Martin Frankendal

Senior Consultant

Erling Løberg

Junior Consultant

Daniel Steenbuch

Junior Consultant

Sindre Olav Grjotheim

Senior Consultant

Joachim Indrevik

Junior Consultant

Magnus Utne

Senior Consultant

Kristoffer Kleppa

Senior Consultant

Torbjørn Røys

Senior Consultant

Karoline Juul

Junior Consultant

Oliver Kvaløy Tiller

Junior Consultant

Julian Liam Wolter

Junior Consultant

Peter Andreas Vik

Junior Consultant

Maurits Wesøe

Senior Consultant

Caroline Baklund

Junior Consultant

Fredrik Bjanger Gundersen

Junior Consultant

Robin Marstrøm

Junior Consultant

Mattias Nordahl

Junior Consultant

Jonas Khan

Senior Consultant

Ole-Herman Lund Mustorp

Senior Consultant

Petter Blesvik Gandrud

Junior Consultant

Alexander Lindgaard Føll

Junior Consultant

Herman Granerud

Senior Consultant

Sondre Hjermann Dahl

Junior Consultant

Svitlana Pozniakova

Senior Consultant

Amalie Skullerud

Senior Consultant

Bertine Thorsnes Lefdal

Junior Consultant

Edvard Heier

Senior Consultant

Axel Fagerbakke

Senior Consultant

Photo: Tone Jelsness og Anton Vu, Foto NHHS

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Leder@nhhsconsulting.no / Prosjekt@nhhsconsulting.no 

Tlf: +47 932 36 748